8 pounds to goal

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4th

Sheesh. So easy to lose my focus.
As of Saturday, down one pound to 135. Still 10 pounds to 125- NOT going to happen in the next four days.
So. Two days of low points.

Oatmeal (3pts)
Tomato Soup (3pts)
Salad (0)
Corn, rice & turkey dinner (5pts?)
Kiwi (1)

TOTAL: 12 points. Leaving me 6 points of wiggle room. I'm sending the cookies to school with Chris.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 6

Hoorah! Another day at my points range- and less junk food.
Oatmeal, strawberries, coffee - 5pts
Pria Bar - 3pts
1/2CLasgana & broccoli- 4pts
4 caramels- 3pts
3oz chicken breast, 3 oz. potato, green salad w/rice wine vinegar- 4 points

Running total:19

The yogurt came out fabulously! I love it. I'm trying goat milk yogurt today, since Peanut is going through a quart a week.
My weight this morning on my new scale: 134.9

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 5

Hurrah! Day 2 of meeting my points target... 23 points.
Chris was fabulous- a low point, really yummy dinner. I threw all our junk food in his bag to take to work tomorrow.
Still more than I'd like is junk (25%) But still...

I bought a scale today, so I'm hoping that'll keep me going a little bit. I'm REALLY tired of losing the same 8 pounds or so...Sheesh.

Spent the evening making homemade yogurt. My new endeavor. It's like doing science in your kitchen. I tried two different starter yogurts, so we'll see how they taste when they're done.

Cooper's getting a back tooth and it hurts him. Poor guy. He's had more Tylenol and teething tablets in the last 48 hours than ever before (except surgery.)

Tomorrow's busy, which can be hard for me. I need to figure out a snack to take with me to B.C. that'll keep me full....Definitely oatmeal for breakfast, but what about lunch?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day 4

Crap-ola. I thought I had 8 pounds to go, but really it's more like 11. Blah. I guess that's what I get for blowing off attending meetings. Figures. Ah well.

I told Chris this is it- I need 2 weeks of bomber WW planning. So, of course it's totally me blowing it, not him. It was just easier when he was my total cheerleader. (Like my own personal trainer, really.)

Today's points:
Coffee & snack bar: 3
1/2 sl. pizza: 2
Running total: 5

And we're off to a birthday party- my least successful eating situation. I need a plan...

Okay, not so bad. I restrained myself, didn't eat the bread on my sandwich, and shared a sliver of cake with Chris. I maybe had 1/4C of potato salad THREE POINTS- what a waste. I don't even like it that much.
Subtotal for lunch:11 points
Running total: 16
Remaining: 6 (Kiwi for snack)
So, salad for dinner, because I want my points for drinks with Jerry and Kati. Maybe a 1 pt. veggi burger for filler. Chris is cooking lasagna- sheesh! I'm sending it to work with him as lunch for the week!

Day 3

Aundrea called yesterday to ask if I wanted to go to Weight Watchers this morning. I thought, "Hell no!" But, of course, I said yes. Might as well get a reality check now...But we'll go to the gym first, so that's good. Ah, the power of peer pressure.

Looking back at the last two days, I see that I've spent more than a third of my points on CRAP!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 2

Okay, yesterday's a wash. Moving on...
Breakfast: Coffee (1), Toast (2), 1 1/2 t PB (1) & 1t Jam (.5) = 4.5 points
11 a.m. snack: 1/2C lowfat flavored yogurt (2.5) -not buying THAT again!! = 7 points so-far
2 veggi burgers (2)
Pria bar (2)
Candy (5)
Pizza (6)
Wine (4)
Cookie (3)

Total:29 - yikes. I've got to get those sweets out of my diet!

Not bad. No exercise, but I vacuumed, swept and mopped while Cooper & Eva took the longest naps ever (2+ hours) Nice to start the weekend with a clean house. I think Friday mornings are a nice time to set aside for that since I'm sure not going anywhere.

Pizza (homemade), & salad for dinner. I need to make a snack- I think hummus, veggis and rice crackers will be good (and good for me..)

Hurrah! I managed to have only two pieces of pizza (and with light cheese, at that.) Making it at home is the way to go. Of course, I had to have a snack of candy at the store...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day one

Coffee, Cereal & Milk- 4 pts.
1/2 container yogurt - 1 pt.
2C Soup -- 8 points???
3 slices banana bread 6 points
2 slices cornbread -3 points
Running total:22 - yuk. Even with my run this morning I'll be WAY over after our dinner at a friend's house tonight. I'll avoid the pasta, but still...I guess I'll just take off from my weekly 35 & start over tomorrow.

10:30 - I though Chris was going to be home this morning, so I planned to run. Of course, he wound up going in early. SO, I threw Coop in the stroller and off we went for our Lame-o 2 mile run. But hey, better than nothing.

I avoided the cookies Chris left out on the corner all morning - phew. Had coffee, cereal, and milk for breakfast. I think Cooper's eaten more food than I have today. Of course, I have playgroup, and there are always tons of snacks there...hmmm. Always my challenge: social eating.
2:00 Did I mention that my downfall is social eating? I ate WAY too much banana bread!! Fortunately, there weren't many choices, because not too many people came, but still.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two weeks, Four pounds

Here it is, online, my last ditch effort to ditch my last eight pounds of baby weight (can I still call it that a year later?) We're off to see my in-laws in two weeks, which seems like as good of a timeline as any to actually get on track, write down my WW points, and start to fit into my summer clothes.

The trickiest parts:
  • Writing down what I eat every day
  • Finding time every day (or even most days) to get a workout in

I get to the gym about three times a week, and have a pilates tape at home I'm starting to use. BUT, I need to get out for a run 3-4 days a week as well, and somehow, when Chris gets home, I just don't make it out. Maybe now that it's light earlier, I can get up and go before he goes to work. Lord knows Cooper's up early enough!

So, I'm off to bed and will start blogging tomorrow- maybe this is the boost I need.