8 pounds to goal

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 5

Hurrah! Day 2 of meeting my points target... 23 points.
Chris was fabulous- a low point, really yummy dinner. I threw all our junk food in his bag to take to work tomorrow.
Still more than I'd like is junk (25%) But still...

I bought a scale today, so I'm hoping that'll keep me going a little bit. I'm REALLY tired of losing the same 8 pounds or so...Sheesh.

Spent the evening making homemade yogurt. My new endeavor. It's like doing science in your kitchen. I tried two different starter yogurts, so we'll see how they taste when they're done.

Cooper's getting a back tooth and it hurts him. Poor guy. He's had more Tylenol and teething tablets in the last 48 hours than ever before (except surgery.)

Tomorrow's busy, which can be hard for me. I need to figure out a snack to take with me to B.C. that'll keep me full....Definitely oatmeal for breakfast, but what about lunch?


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