8 pounds to goal

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day one

Coffee, Cereal & Milk- 4 pts.
1/2 container yogurt - 1 pt.
2C Soup -- 8 points???
3 slices banana bread 6 points
2 slices cornbread -3 points
Running total:22 - yuk. Even with my run this morning I'll be WAY over after our dinner at a friend's house tonight. I'll avoid the pasta, but still...I guess I'll just take off from my weekly 35 & start over tomorrow.

10:30 - I though Chris was going to be home this morning, so I planned to run. Of course, he wound up going in early. SO, I threw Coop in the stroller and off we went for our Lame-o 2 mile run. But hey, better than nothing.

I avoided the cookies Chris left out on the corner all morning - phew. Had coffee, cereal, and milk for breakfast. I think Cooper's eaten more food than I have today. Of course, I have playgroup, and there are always tons of snacks there...hmmm. Always my challenge: social eating.
2:00 Did I mention that my downfall is social eating? I ate WAY too much banana bread!! Fortunately, there weren't many choices, because not too many people came, but still.


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