8 pounds to goal

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two weeks, Four pounds

Here it is, online, my last ditch effort to ditch my last eight pounds of baby weight (can I still call it that a year later?) We're off to see my in-laws in two weeks, which seems like as good of a timeline as any to actually get on track, write down my WW points, and start to fit into my summer clothes.

The trickiest parts:
  • Writing down what I eat every day
  • Finding time every day (or even most days) to get a workout in

I get to the gym about three times a week, and have a pilates tape at home I'm starting to use. BUT, I need to get out for a run 3-4 days a week as well, and somehow, when Chris gets home, I just don't make it out. Maybe now that it's light earlier, I can get up and go before he goes to work. Lord knows Cooper's up early enough!

So, I'm off to bed and will start blogging tomorrow- maybe this is the boost I need.


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